Difference between traditional solar panels heteromeric state collector plate

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Solar collector panels heteromeric state with the traditional solar collector different, using a variety of theories of quantum mechanics to make the system more efficient, while more stable life. It is like a "black hole" around the sun radiation into the inner collector panels heat, air, light, and so will not absorb and dissipate entirely, transported to the tank coil heat exchanger for heating or dry ground through the host to brass achieve complete manufacturing hot water or heating demand. This means that it can not only be used at night without electrically heated situation, and even can be done to work in rain, wind and snow days, whenever you need hot water or heating it will be able to complete its task. Solar collector panels heteromeric state are made of metal, after the salt spray test can guarantee 25 years of life.

Heteromeric state solar collector panels can be highly efficient principle enables radiation from the sun, light, wind, rain can get heat and electromagnetic energy, at present there are no a solar collector can supply hot water at night, rain or snow or even heating . Solar collector panels can heteromeric state 365 days a year, 24 hours work, from above -20 ℃ environment absorbs heat, its size is only 0.03 * 0.8 * 2 m, weight 8KG, you can easily hang in the building anywhere in the external walls. Only ordinary solar collectors installed on the roof, a glass plate collector 30KG weight or more, and very heavy, there is a certain difficulty level when installed. Solar collector panels for heteromeric state toward insensitive, does not occupy any space is strong, combined with the construction does not destroy the beautiful structure of the building safety hazard.
Solar collector panels heteromeric state's energy efficiency is very high, because the system is running very cold collector plate, so it is not 100% double-sided cooling heat collection efficiency of 120%, is the latest low-cost sustainable new energy !

Solar Solar heteromeric state thermal systems heat utilization system consists of collector panels, the host, tanks or copper tubes. Ultra-thin lightweight collector panels --0.3cm thick, 8kg weight, formed around the board when the system is running a negative energy field of the environment continue to flock to the energy collecting plate, two-way heat collector greatly increased rate.
Heteromeric state solar heat utilization system is a natural energy nature of the high polymer, and efficient use. It is not only the main-absorption of solar energy, such as solar energy and absorbing all the embrace of poly system is fully absorbed and used. It is influenced by the environment, but not about the tiny. For example, at 30 ℃, when the sun, the heat can be efficiently produced, in the rain, COP up to 1: 9.5, when the wind still has a unique high efficiency, the highest record of 1: 11.5. It is this amazing series of efficient, due to its system use a lot of the ideas of quantum mechanics, a space size effect. Therefore, it can under no circumstances the sun to meet the hot water, heating, electric heating and no security is 100%. With the traditional solar collector is different, solar Solar thermal systems heteromeric state collector panels absorb energy include solar energy, wind, rain and other energy and electromagnetic energy.



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