China International Consumer Electronics Expo

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Along with the Chinese manufacturing 2025 strategy, intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing depth of integration with the Internet, cross-industry innovation, consumer electronics home appliance industry
development trend. Currently, home appliances and consumer electronics companies, Internet companies are Plough layout intelligence ecosystem, no doubt, is the era of the wisdom of life
Thus in 2017 the sixteenth CEE exhibition theme of 'digital world perceive the future' so that CEE has become the global technology showcase of future products
CEE + is to build a collection of trade, media, investment, consumption as one of the super stage, projected better government policies, industry voices, to enterprises
As a result, witness the development trend of the times.
Exhibition Overview
China Smart Appliances and Consumer Electronics Show (CEE), is an international consumer electronics industry by the regular meeting Babson International Exhibition Co., Ltd. was founded exclusively. 2016
CEE has attracted 300 exhibitors from 36 countries and regions, 13 Fortune 500 companies, eight major national pavilions, more than 60,000 professional visitors,
Exhibition area of ​​nearly 30,000 square meters. Asia has become the highest-largest home appliance and consumer electronics exhibition.
2016 Fifteenth CEE known domestic exhibitors Meizu technology Qihoo 360, Philips, TCL, ZTE Technology, Hikvision, Capital Information
Shares NEWTOUCH cloud, Trinidad, Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department, micro whale VR, music snail, fly Xin intelligent, God Choi photoelectric, a small card robot, ATL, Soft International,
Audience category
CEE participants will mainly come from China, and consumer technology industry throughout Asia, including 3826 executives, 6319 procurement staff, as well as its
Who he international buyers, retailers, distributors, engineers, government officials, media, market analysts, industry influential and world-renowned enterprises
Industry C-level or more high-level management personnel. CEE will personally experience a tremendous impact in driving innovation and helping enterprises in brand promotion brought.
In order to encourage enterprises to technological innovation, establish a high-end domestic appliances and electronic products, brand integrity, to create the image of high-end electronic products, and promote the healthy development of the industry.
China Power Expo Organizing Committee, intends to award a number of credit management, advanced technology, high quality brands and products, and during the Expo honorary


8:00 - 18:00

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